Grounding, Opening Up and Connecting with Ancestral Mind


We, so many of us, hear about “grounding”, “staying present”, “opening up and getting connected”. And, there is more to be said, more to be realized, more to be visualized and definitely, more to be experienced.

Recently a client/friend of mine used this information to do an incredibly imaginative and profound healing on her inner child who had been severely abandoned, betrayed and abused. She did this centering work then connecting with her wounded inner child, while this entity was sitting on her lap, she guided the both of them through all of the Chakras and the Three Brains and with each setting she acknowledged the wound to that Chakra, and the pain, then reassuring the child with calm reassurances that from now on she, the responsible adult that knows how to be connected, centered and grounded would make sure that the child was safe. My client/friend then reported to me that she had experienced a great surge of energy and feeling of well being. Perhaps, now, she will not need to continually set herself up to “remember” and heal!

First, Do we start at our heads or our root when we connect ourselves to All.

Over the years I’ve come to connect first with my Crown Chakra. I do this not just because it makes more congruent sense to me but also because I love the flow of energy coming from The Universe. Specifically, in our Galaxy, from the black hole which is, itself, connected to All. What an amazing, totally off the chart ball of energy is the nucleus of our galaxy,The Milky Way. Truly the colossal nature of The Milky Way, including its spinning around in a vast “Flower of Life” spiral and the magnificent center, the Black Hole, is our, each human’s and Earth’s itself, source of energy.

I begin there by visualizing, imagining and feeling my Crown Chakra becoming stimulated. As the visualization of the toroidal energy center of my Crown settles in it seems to me, intellectually and sensationally, that energy is flowing into my body. From my Crown , through my Third Eye and into my Throat Chakra and then back to the Third Eye as the Center or locus of my Mind Brain. The Brain of my Ancestors. No one else shares the same intellectual sentient flow of energy. Feeling this locus and being Open to the Ancestral flow I pray, “Ancestors, thank you so much for All that you present and for your guidance through this Earth and its energy fields. I ask that you guide me along the lines of Health, Happiness, Balance and Harmony that All sentience in its connectivity bring Health and Happiness to All.”

Feeling the energy pool and swell I then (secondly) focus on my Heart Chakra and willingly open myself to Love, to the Abounding Gifts that roll out as a red carpet before my feet: As a well maintained and used Path through Wilderness or City, used by the Plants, Animals and People whom I meet along my Way I move confidently and smoothly. This Chakra is the Center of my Heart Mind. All Chakras and Brains share this same energy field, as does or overall being, that torus stemming from our Core or Dan Tien.

Working with this chakra is our Throat and Solar Plexus Chakras. The three compose our Heart Energy Field. The heart is the locus of the toroidal energy matrix of our Heart Brain.

As my heart swells with the Energy Flowing from Above (and All around) I visualize it filling my space with nurturing, as a mother does its child, and I share that with those on my path. Practicing Faith in Love of self and other I manifest my desires.

Filling my Solar Plexus Chakra with Energy and Love, my sense of connection onto the Path becomes very strong. Faith, Trust and Love flow through me. That energy is felt and contributes to the Energy Field of Heart.

Then (thirdly) coming to my Creative Chakra, the Second, the Energy, Love and radiant colors and sounds of Life flow through me. Spending time here visualizing the creative endeavors of my life, from keeping my body alive to painting, loving, gardening, writing, music and to friendships. This Chakra is also the Locus or Center of my Body Brain; and works with Root and Solar Plexus Chakras to strongly enable me to be Balanced and Harmonious with Earth.

Then into my Root Chakra where I can send deep into the Core of Earth the Energy flowing through me. How powerful is that?

From there it is easy and wondrous to feel the energy from Mother Earth move through me, substantially, upward and onto the Center of Our Galaxy. From here I can feel, imagine, experience the wondrous power of my being. I know, too, that my energy field, my Torus or Toroidal Energy Field is expansive. From here I can Pray and Envision Life and Love as I would have it.

All is Energy and maximizing this energy via this kind of meditation and envisioning can stimulate great healing.

Imagine, if more and more of us took the time to “supercharge” our energy fields and then shared in a collective vision of, say, Mother Earth Coming back into Balance and Harmony and Mankind once again experiencing the Garden of Eden. Won’t that be sublime?