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Principles and Practices

E-literature: book out of this. Plans are to write this Winter


Our first job and requirement for any healing, be it Spiritual, Physical or Social is to be able to find and know how to return to “Presence” at will. Otherwise all crumbles into chaos!

In order to do so here are some techniques.

1. in body: Learn to honor and attend to Chakras, 3 Brains and Core. By so doing our Energy Anatomy comes into alignment with the Energy of the Universe. This gives us unlimited energy. (Visiting Links: one can go to You-tube visualization guiding one through the process of honoring and empowering Chakras, Brains and Core.

2. in heart: Learn to “Walk in The Field of Love”. This is a mindful exercise to be practiced with conscious intent, embracing gratitude and compassion, forgiveness and open-heartedness.

3. in Ancestral Mind: Attending to the Guidance of the Divine, the Wisdom of the Elders and the ethnobiology of your ancestors. Shamanic journey work, tarot, mayan calendar, I-ching and many other sources for attending.


Once we learn how to be Present and to return to Presence (to The Now), we must then cultivate a pure and clear intentionality. To do so there is some internal negotiation that must happen.

– mediating between our 3 minds:  neocortex as manager

– forming affirmation of

         feelings, with

        positive statements and

        evolving awareness

– attaching Intention to Energy of Core,

Envisioning the outcome desired.

Surrendering to the eventuality of the influence of Clear Intention connected To Core.


  • Learning to honor Heart, Body and Mind.
  • Meditation, mindfulness, stretching, balancing, exerting
  • Building ritual into Field of Love; attending to rhythms and beats, harmonics and melodies.

Envisioning other realities (shamanic drum journey, lucid dreaming, fantasizing, rock concert, etc.

Connecting with others

Circle up! Work together, play together, pray together be together.

Experience a common, predictable and enriching Village or Community1