Counseling Services





My approach to counseling has to do with those issues clients bring to me having to do with their daily lives.

Questions I’ll ask are:

What brings you to see and work with me today?

What are your feelings about what brings you to work with me?

What are your thoughts about what brings you to be here?

When else in your life have similar thoughts and feelings been present?

By asking these few questions we will be able to creatively and effectively disentangle past from present. Before we get into the disentangling my first job with you is to make sure that you know how to be centered and grounded. I’ll give you practical experiences in my presence as to how to be centered and grounded. I’ll also guide you to not just be grounded and centered but also connected. Peace comes from being connected (to source: the Center of our Galaxy), centered (in your body) and grounded (to Mother Earth). We’ll then tenderly and effectively go from the issues to being connected, centered and grounded. Going in and out of these two states of consciousness allows for progressive desensitization. What that accomplishes is that the issues no longer control your thoughts and feelings: You do! As this work progresses we’ll also look at the soul loss experiences and how they play a significant and major part in the formation and strength and progress of the issues and how you relate to them. With respect to couples, families and communities the same process happens. What are the issues? How do they effect communications and relationships? What ways do you all have of coming into peace (connected, centered and grounded) and what boundaries are there or are needed such that All can find peace. It is from Peace that progress and healing in individuals, couples, families and communities function best. There are many tools and resources available for us to accomplish these ends; either in my working with you or in the resources available in your communities. Yoga, Tai Chi, QiGong, Meditation, Medicine Walks, Hypnosis, Guided Visualizations, Chakra work and so forth are all readily available either by my guidance or in your communities.