Our lives are strewn with soul enriching experiences, often disguised as trauma. The players in these enriching dramas are friends and relatives from many lives in many worlds. Just as humanity has evolved and couldn’t not evolve; our Souls are evolving and can’t not evolve towards enlightenment and perhaps even God-head. These are belief systems of many and my experience as a cultivator of life, soul, gardens, health and happiness confirm that such is so!

The component parts of this work are:

Soul loss and recovery through:

Grounding and Centering

Diet and nutrition

Tai chi and yoga

The arts: music, painting and poetry and writing

Meditations and Spiritual practices and disciplines.

The five approaches result in:

1. Grounding our Energy

2. Enriching our bodies and being.

3. Our bodies becoming stronger and more flexible; softer yet harder.

4. Cultivating Muse and expressing our deeper Soul felt experiences via the Arts.

5. Practicing and developing deep Spirituality.

The principles involved are that as we acknowledge and learn that our three brains, body, heart and over-soul (the Voices of the Ancestors), as we cultivate each of these, our Spiritual Energy becomes clearer and freer to make our connection between Heaven and Earth stronger and richer.

As we do this work those soul parts that have been divorced from our body via trauma and corruption by others or self are attracted back into our sphere of influence.

As we do this work our Muse brings forth, through our arts and appreciation of Life, to the surface such that we can embrace our soul parts with gratitude, forgiveness, unconditional love, joy and a greater and greater sense of integrity.

Standing taller and becoming Spiritually richer and fuller.

Gardening is the metaphor that will weave itself through these works; as, gardening is in a way, what it is really all about. We, as humans are Stewards of Life on Earth. The more we cultivate ourselves the richer is our ability to Cultivate All.