Families and/or Groups


Working with families is, on the surface, pretty clear as to what needs to happen: better communications, building more play and love into the equations, taking time out for breathing and relaxing and so forth.

On another and deeper level, it is important to come to understand our cultural and Ancestral histories and connections. As these are often the underpinnings of dysfunction. And, such an adventure it is to pursue and “heal” our Ancestral connections!

Otherwise “They (our Ancestors and wounded soul parts) keep working us.”

Pecking at us to remember to heal!

Our higher consciousness, or Ancestral Brain is a source from which so much wisdom and many gifts stem. What is it about your particular art or craft or proclivity that “keeps on keeping on”? That wants you to pay more attention? And, how do family members honor each other and the Ancestors of each in ways that stimulate happiness and healing?

What kinds of acknowledgements and encouragements are needed by each and every family member for them to comfortably and confidently step into their magnificence?

Learning each other’s triggers for “splitting off” and attending to our marital and relationship contracts for healing and happiness can  lead us to take appropriate time outs and stances for the bigger good.