Wilderness Emersion

This experience is not only essential but immensely enjoyable and rewarding, even if it may involve sweat and physical exercise. It will probably also involve swimming in mountain lakes!

Basically so many of us, most of us, have lost our ability to savor nature. To simply allow ourselves to feel connected, belonging and safe in nature.

This, as we have by-and-large become city-urban-dwellers, dependent on machines, media and “convenience”. Such dependence is part and parcel of the destruction of our connection of Mother Earth.

The Wilderness Immersion experience will take us into the woods, into nature (maybe even the desert) to partake in “vision quests” to re-connect.

With the use of ceremony and ritual, of prayers and blessings, and of our clear intention to re-connect we will experience such connectedness by way of communing with water, fire, rocks and vegetation. Spirits in Nature is something we all have some experience with and are thirsting to re-experience.

It is so gratifying to experience city dwellers coming into Nature and naturally experience breathing and relaxing.

Our natural experience will be built upon in our ritual and ceremonial connection work.