Recommitment to Wilderness

We, most all of us have through history moved away from being at one with Nature. Cities, Modernity, convenience and other corrosive forces have divorced us from what for much of history has been our provider, comfort, muse, familiarity and way of being: in Nature.

How do we re-connect and once again experience the extreme and supreme joy of comfort in the wild?

We do so by going into wilderness without so many of our conveniences and practice quietness. We do so by ritual connection to wilderness. We do so through the support of a small group of explorers into the wild, guided and led by those comfortable with alone time with nature. We do so by intent and Faith in our right to be at One and to Trust that we are Loved.

Join us for such an adventure!

Where: Sierra Wilderness


Drive for less than 2 hours from Nevada City.

A 3 to 4 hour back-pack with minimal supplies (30-35 lbs) for a two night (Friday to Sunday) experience.

Experience value and intention clarification

The loud roar of the Quiet

The wonderful and rich experience of being comfortable in nature

You’ll need:

Sleeping bag


*minimal food: breakfast and lunch

dinner provided



sun protection

sacred objects

rhythm instruments (or not, nature provides!)

You won’t need:





*food lists and suggestions will be provided.