Tai Chi Classes

The yogic practice of balance and harmony; of flow from one’s core and “Let the deeper creative soul flourish” is central to my life and work.

This  holds true for my practice and teaching of tai chi and of ink brush painting. It also holds true for my holding the center for my leadership and participation in rituals, whether they be grieving rituals or marriage celebrations. It holds true for cultivation of any art or science, garden or friendship, discipline or relationship.

The practice of obtaining balance and harmony is near to the heart of Classic scholars and holy men: and is realized in the ability to excel in the FIVE ARTS.

Calligraphy: the ability to create beauty with art and writing
Music: the ability to create beauty with sounds
Poetry: the ability to create beauty with words
Movement: the ability to create beauty with movement and disposition; and,
Government: the ability to create beauty through organization and

To study tai chi and ink brush painting is to learn to be present in the Now and integrated in
Soul and Spirit. Or, to be united in Soul and Spirit such that you can be in The
These are basics that apply to both ot the high arts of tai chi and ink brush painting. And,
when one is focused and balanced and “in the Now” the energy that moves
through our bodies flows into creativity; in this case into painting. In another it
may be into dance or combat.
Using tai chi to learn how to deeply ground oneself and know how to be relaxed
and paint from chi or core becomes a shortcut to mastering the art of ink brush.
The same can be said of tai chi.
Once one gets in the Now and Connected chi just naturally flows. Then the
artists only job is to envision what it is that is wanted.
Of course, great philosophies and religions have been written on these topics.
And, it takes years or profound experiences to enable one to readily enter or reenter
The Now.

A central teaching must be about forming clear intention and holding it in the way
of affirmation. To enter into this space with muddy intentions often creates chaos.
This can happen on individual, relationship, collective and humanity levels. With
divided philosophies and religious perspectives there is usually no
agreement. When the Mind and it’s Voices of the Ancestors and the Heart with its
Compassion, Forgiveness and Non-Judgmental Love collaborate there is great
clarification. Then the only task is to get the Body to agree and go along with the
higher Conscious Centers.

The Body often experiences blocks; usually from earlier trauma around relevant issues to the Clear Intention. Agreement can easily be found and energy from Above can flow through our brains and
chakras and we can experience an irresistible attraction to ground and then slip into the Now.

Having a clear intention and the agreement of our whole body makes it very easy
for intentionality to be realized, for the body to paint following  intentionality and moving from chi.

Easy to say and easy to learn to do. It does take discipline in the following areas,
guided by the practice of yoga, in one of its myriad forms.

A tai chi. I put this first as it is foundational for so much.
B practical lessons in discipline, practice, patience and presence.
C realization that we are the instrument and must be cared for with love,
acceptance and forgiveness
D lessons can be music, art, calligraphy or governance, as long as the
practice is to find agreement with our 3 minds and move from our core.