Work with Individuals

For me to best serve you it is important that attention is paid to your interest in coming to see me.

What calls you at this time to come and work with me?

I’ll want a brief story of what “is working you”. What things are you thinking about and feeling?

Then, before we go into what is happening for you in any depth we will make sure that you know exactly how to move from deep and strong emotions to “the now”.

I’ll guide you.

For some people it may take several sessions to learn how to move out of emotions and stories into the Now!

Some people are really raw and running deep emotions heavily, as if just experiencing some kind of trauma, although the traumatic events may have come from years back, even early childhood.

No matter, there are a number of approaches to helping you know how to come back into the here and now! Guided visualization, hypnosis, breathing skill training, movement and touch are some methods that can be used.

Once you’ve got it (and most people already know how to set aside their deep emotions and come into the now) we can then address the specifics of your story.

Then we can talk about “time binding” where you’ll learn to address issues in short sets, rather than “diving in”. We’ll want for you to manage when and where you access the emotions, memories and sensations.

It is not in my interest to keep you coming back to see me, more to help you access and learn the skills that will allow you to progress in your enlightening process in your own way and in your own time.