Chinese Ink brush painting (Sumi in Japanese tradition) is an ancient form of art which has been used through the ages for meditation, mindfulness and creative expression. It is still vital and goes strong in most if not all Asian Nations.


I have had the good fortune to study with a master, Pao Chi Chen, who left China during the Japanese invasion and lived in France for many years before migrating to California. She had exhibited in France and when I first began classes with her she was a teacher at Dharma Realm University, in Talmage California: part of the City of 10,000 Buddhas, a Chinese Monastery.

Studying with Pao Chi for a dozen years or so I finally began to create paintings that were desirable. Pao Chi used to say, “When you paint something 10,000 times you might find a painting that you will keep or sell.” Well, 10,000 times in terms of Chinese calligraphy simply means, “more than you can count!”.

I have combined tai chi and ink brush painting as a way to ground and center and paint from core. Let our bodies paint.

Practice, practice, practice painting with wet brush, dry brush, dark ink, medium and light ink, black and white, color; thin line thick line. A few simple strokes or many fine detailed strokes. The variety is endless and . . . there is no one right way to paint!

So, let me know if you are interested.

I teach individuals, small groups or classes. For a day or for 6 to 8 ongoing classes or simply continual classes, drop in or committed.