Over the years I’ve used the internet quite a bit to share information and knowledge. I’ve listed some links to my other web-presence here.

Thanks for checking these sites out. And, let me know if you’d like more information about any one of these links or the information related.

Here are the links; listed in chronological order.

First, my basic biz web-site. Out of date but lots that is still relevant!

Second, my first video  Meditation Movie: Water Meditation. A little rough but I’m quite pleased with it as a number of friends and clients have given me good feed-back about how it works.



Third, the blog where I began to expound on my formation of Shamanic Psychotherapy.

Fourth, I began the following web-site to tie together my previous work and provide links to them.

Fifth, and upon retiring, letting go of a home, a location, a relationship . . . A Life and how to do so gracefully.

Then, A second meditation on youtube. This one using the Torus or toroidal energy matrix to maximize our journey into activating our Spiritual Energy and Grounding it deep into Earth.