Ministerial and Spiritual Services

In 1969 I became a minister in The Universal Life Church. Since then I have provided a number of ministerial services, mostly marriages.

And, in light of my psychotherapeutic and shamanic work and offering and teaching meditation and mindfulness I also have added divorces, Remembrances, birthing and rites of passage. However, the bottom line is if there is a need for ministerial or spiritual services I will help my clients to co-create the ritual that meets their needs.

My general approach is to meet with the interested parties and consult as to what their idea and vision for the ceremony might be. I then offer some other considerations, if needed, that they may not have thought about. I also will meet with them several times leading up to the ritual event and be with them for “practice” if that is necessary.

Generally, these services are offered on a “donation” basis; in that I suggest a donation range that would serve me well and then ask that it that would work for them.

Using this approach I find that I am motivated to do a really good job and doing so that my clients reinforce me well!