Obtaining and Keeping Balance and Focus

This blog was first posted in my site: www.shamanicvisionpsychotherapy.blogspot.com.
Picture a top spinning. The kind we had as kids where you pump it and get it spinning really fast. And, if you were lucky you had the kind that hummed and made lights flash. Wow! And then, tapping, it wobbled a bit but came back into balance and continued to spin ohm-ingly and brightly! 
Now there was focus! To get knocked around and come right back into twirling balanced power.
This is a wonderful metaphor for how we can and need to experience the trials and tribulations of our life and to not be thrown off. 
That top was generating a toroidal* energy field, using gravity and centrifugal force to propel itself around and around with great presence. It was creating an electro-magnetic force field. 
As humans we manifest strong presence through visualization, breath, emptying our minds and creating a clear intention, hooking that sense into Source and allowing our intention to manifest! By doing so we increase the scope and intensity of our electro-magnetic energy field . . . our Aura!
Using our minds to think out a clear intention and to visualize the outcome we desire, empowers our energy field to link to the “filaments of desire”; or, lay lines (think String Theory) and we then put into action manifestation of that which we intend.
Working smarter rather than harder!
Can it be that simple? 
Whatever we experience, good, bad or indifferent, we “visualize” on an unconscious manner in our bellies, hearts and head. The energy fields within our bodies are always churning out holographic images; for the better part totally unknown to our conscious awareness. Unless we ask ourselves, “When I feel that (in my gut, heart or head) what would it look like if it were an object?” (We can all do this although many of us, particularly masculine driven have to work to do so.) We imagine or visualize shape, size, color, texture, temperature, weight, etc. 
Breathing, consciously doing so from our bellies and slowly and deeply, brings us back into the Now so that we are more fully able to visualize. Breath allows and enables us to empty our minds and to come into awareness of sensations, kinesthetic, visual, auditory, etc. Doing so with breath and gratitude we can “choose a better feeling or thought” and thereby a different holographic image!
To further empower our intentionality we can visualize a toroidal energy field in each of our brains, intensifying each of our Chakra’s and coming from our DanTien. This gets our own spinning energy field radiating even more magnificently the filaments radiating out into the Universe create incredible connections with that which we desire. 
Taking this a step further, we can not only imagine but experience the toroidal energy fields of our chakras and of our three brains coming into alignment with the forces of the Universe connecting to the hot molten mass of iron and nickel at the core of Earth. That connection is an incredibly rich source of both Spiritual and Material energies. And, we are in alignment with that force field. Each time one of our chakras are out of true then we weaken that force field. And if one of our brains (Head, Heart and Body) is “out of our body” then the force field is incredibly weakened. And, this is what is happening with so many people on Earth. The out-of-body soul part then has a tendency to connect with other out-of-body soul parts. That union which is often fiercely strong can be hypothesized as “the problem with humanity on Earth”. This is a research question that can be answered. 
My truth is that I believe this to be so.
Coming back to Center, to Balance and Focus and to Alignment with our very own Powerful Axis Mundi we become super charged. The clearer we are to Intentionality with the unity of our brains then the more “Juice” is accessible! 
It is from this place that we exquisitely manifest.
With clear intention or muddy, we manifest. Allowing ourselves to be fully clear and empowered with breath, awareness and visualization we manifest. We do so also by default, as when our straying and dissociated soul parts wander about on Earth.
*Toroidal energy field is the energy created when objects spin from a core.” Google The Earth’s “Van Allen Belt” and the Human Toroidal Energy to get great images.