Which Persona Rules?

Is it your True Self?

Or, a wounded aspect of self: A child, an adolescent, a corrupted self, a parent, a teacher? Are you stuck in one re-occurring drama that creates recurring dramas of either macro or micro dimensions? “Sick and tired of being sick and tired”?

These three are the questions:

Which Persona Rules? It it your true self? Are you “sick and tired of being sick and tired”?

If the last is so then, along with all else I profess, the first thing to do is to know how to come back into the moment.

The Now!

All else are masks, personas of past or future realities, all limited in their magnificence!

We, each of us, no matter how Enlightened, have a closet full of garbs of personas, hat racks full of different selves, drawers full of different masks. Be they artist, biker, hiker, musician, secretary, dad, grand-dad, mother, son, uncle, drinker, sick, addicted, etc. The list goes on and on. The real question is “Which one rules”? Where are you stuck and how much time are you stuck in such cycles? Learn to notice and move out and on!

What is wanted is a sense of managerial wisdom, connected to Spirit. Desiring, praying and being open for guidance from The Ancestors brings great spontaneous and synchronistic events, omens, confirmation and divine guidance.

The process for healing is:

  1. notice you are not present and are running old or new scripts about past or future. Just take a break and noticed where your mind and your body are taking you.
  2. come back into Now with breath and body awareness.
  3. check in with feelings (heart and body) and notice where they go with what thoughts.
  4. decide how you want to feel and what thoughts bring solace, energy, creativity, well-being and beneficence.
  5. actively and intentionally create affirmations and instructions for changes in thought patterns and beliefs, behaviors, friendships, relationship, occupations, and affinities. Check in with Ancestors.
  6. do things differently; and then, once again, check in with thoughts and feelings, feelings and thoughts.
  7. keep coming back through mindfulness and meditation to Now. To Power!

In the process of using this exercise notice the different masks we wear. Public vs private, occupational vs recreational, creative vs stuck, addictive vs free will, happy vs sad.

Notice that these are polarities, of sorts, and that continuums make more sense. The middle path allows for more options and freer changes. Think “flexible”.

As a flexitarian my life is much more spontaneous and joyful, creative and healthful. This allows for easier change.

Being depressed is fertile territory for growth!

Being happy is fertile territory for health!

Being introverted is fertile territory for expressiveness, in arts if not relationships.


“Don’t worry, be happy.” Assuming you are not stuck in that loop!

Learn to identify your True Self and step into that Magnificence:

Into your Divine sense of self!