first: open up the kinds of substances that can be medicinal. Including distilled liquors as well as wines and beer

second: think about your body and what it is experiencing and needing in the way of nutrition or mind and mood altering qualities.

third: reflect and get assistance on how food, plants, herbs, exercise, breath, stretch and movement are grounded in nature and know that our bodies had 60000 (if not billions of) years of knowing this third principle: nature and we are intertwined, mutually beneficial is our basic nature. Entwined endlessly into the nature of reality.

fourth: Spend time here. Add potions and lotions and movement and breath and grounding and growing; attending to how your body (YOUR BODY) responds to what you are doing. Your MIND might think otherwise but here, let your body be your guide!

fifth: Be not only open but consciously knowing that when in a grounded and connected fashion; and thinking in a clear manner, what you envision WITH TRUST AND LOVE, will manifest.

The Principle of Manifestation is:

Clear Vision With Faith!

sixth: The more the merrier; as combined envisioning is thrice-fold more powerful and exquisite. When a collective creates a shared intention and envisions magic happens.

seventh: Openness to contrary or reflective feedback from the world around you gives clear guidance. Not only friends and family, although especially friends and family, but others around you and your own reflection in mirrors!

Listen to the voices of the Ancestors!

And, here is a drink honoring these words: 

Tonic for Health; “Mother Earth’s Nector”

Water infused with lime and cucumber 1/4 cup

spirits 1 oz

bitters 10-15 drops

ice to slightly cooler than room temperature

marijuana elixir 1/2 eye dropper full