I’ve had the great privilege and pleasure to initiate and participate in several shamanic circles where “journeying” was taught and utilized to bring about enjoyment, healing and collaboration for creating rituals.

My experience and training is such that it brings me great comfort and enjoyment to pass this profound, esoteric and indigenous art and healing form from one group to another.

For several of these groups we, in addition, created our own shamanic “hoop” drums. I am willing and able to coordinate such gatherings, which need several days, usually on a week-end, for the construction, instillation of intention and empowerment to occur. It gives me additional pleasure to know that there are about 100 of such drums in existence, that I had a hand in creating, of which many are used regularly.

For the journey work, what is needed is a quiet space where participants can lay down, cover their eyes and in a secure and comfortable manner “leave” their bodies and go on a journey to contact power animals, guides, ancestors, plant spirit medicine, etc.

The circles last about 3 hours and begin with becoming joyfully acquainted, experiencing a talking stick where we share our interests and concerns for the journey work. We then create a shrine, casting the directions, empowering the shrine, considering our intentionality and then begin the shamanic drum beat and the journey.

Afterwards we share in the experiences, for those open to sharing, and then we will honor the experience and “the Ancestors” by drumming, dancing, creating music and singing. We usually end with sharing some food and drink.

Contact me if you are interested in setting such an experience up for your close friends and relatives, your village.