Our major traumas shape us proclaiming our character! Determining the Matrix of our Soul.

Now mind you, much of what I write is speculative in the line of theory building. My assumptions are generally grounded in sound research in many fields. My jumps from one connection to another sometimes seem out of a pipe-dream or some “left field.” Know that I often will use fractal, toroidal energy matrix (The Flower of Life), dark matter and other fields of knowledge to create the Matrix of Soul. 

The Matrix of Soul is a Spiritual and causal energy. In this body in this time my Soul is amorphous and shapeable and moldable dictated by the personal-psycho-social-political realities we all live in. It is a matrix of energies all interacting to give us or limit us to how much choice we have in our living.

Many forces are pushing and pulling our Souls into magnificence.

What I like to think of as our coming into Enlightenment as an Evolutionary mandate.


Our personal work fashions our Self to something to which we can’t not adhere. We fashion our Selves to a being that can chose how to be. CHOICE is very determining. We chose with intention and/or by accident. When by intention, our Self and Soul becomes directed to move towards the envisioning of our future desirable self.

With this, cultivating clear intention becomes critical. For me it is such that Every day in Every Way I am Increasingly Becoming the Person I am Meant to be!

Our daily actions, beliefs, attitudes and presence polish and refine such that we can know we contribute, we nurture, we care for and envision our Selves moving forward with confident intention.

These ideas are the very foundation of SoulCultivation.life!