Too often we think of “Soul” as singular and thereby lose sight of our Divine Self and our Fragmented Selves. This distinction is important for several reasons.

Primary is that our Divine Self and our Oversoul (perhaps the same thing) exists in the Now. In this space and time.

Our divided or fragmented selves exist, as distinguished from “live” in multiple realities; scattered in 365 degree locations. Some in the past, some in the future (as with longing and desire) and some in the upper, Earth bound, and lower worlds.

The fragmentation happens in a number of ways:

Past lives of self and ancestors


Attachment to desires

Self corruption; not being true to ourselves

Belief systems.

Understanding this opens our awareness up to alternative ways of healing and being.

Learning to “come back into the Now” is critical for healing: to the point where we become enlightened, which is, after all, our human mandate! We evolve and have involved in All ways, physically, emotionally and mentally. Body, Heart and Mind!

When we meditate or simply be quiet in Nature many of our fragmented selves, ones not shattered, return into our bodies on their own. When we dance or make music or write poetry or paint or sing ecstatically our hearts, bodies and minds heal. Therefore Meditation, Mindfulness and Creative practice is essential!

Part of why this is so has to do with when we actively work towards our inner and self-healing, our wounded selves return with thoughts, beliefs and feelings of their own, bound to the time and place when the traumatic event or belief occurred. We need to know how to cherish the returned self as we would an errant child, staying responsible as the integrated and Divine Self to be able to re-educate, forgive, manage, thank and be present for that returning part.

And, it is only one part of who we are. Granted that often times bring one part back brings a whole “Constellation” of parts back. And, a corollary is that when we re-incorporate one of our wounded selves others in that constellation readily return when assisted and honored.

Reason! When a foundational self is re-connected and re-educated the probability becomes that a whole string of parts connected to that person and event returns often automatically, especially if with our intentional guidance.

Knowing that Our Divine Self is surrounded by a constellation of soul parts, some closer and some further away, some clearly connected and others loosely or ephemerally connected. Yet, All Connected, as if by strong energy currents or shimmering gossamer of connectivity.

When our intention and envisioning is to “bring our soul parts home” that the energy fields around us become increasingly magnetic towards recovery. Such healing effects not just ourselves but All. Transcendental Meditation advocates believe, and it has been substantiated, that it only takes 1% of a population to bring about a change in the nature of beliefs and actions of the predominant population.

Yes, such is the way of the Universe. Toroidal Energy Matrix, Fractals, Time-space continuum, etc.