On this day, my 78th year Birthday I celebrate by sending out some accumulated knowledge and experience, launching my much awaited, at least by me, professional web-site.

Yes, soulcultivation.life has been launched! http://soulcultivation.life

Much thinking and writings over many years have gone into the treatise and fact of this site.

What has come from my musings is that we have no choice but to cultivate our soul; except to do it accidentally or intentionally.

This site is dedicated to intentionally gathering our scattered and wounded soul parts and healing; reuniting these with our Self-hood. With the core essence of who we are.

This, I believe instrumental to healing Mother Earth. 

Why? Because if we are in our wounded selves and in denial and shock we behave automatically and are addicted to “covering up” our woundedness with distractions and comforts. This behaviour destroys by consumption of resources!

Embracing the woundedness can be delicious in its freeing of our stressful existences and wounded soul parts.

The more soul parts we recover the more integrated and “present” we are on Earth. Our ability to connect and be in Gratitude is greatly enhanced. We consume less and construct more!

This web-site is rich and will be richer with experiences and opportunities for enhancing our Healing Stories.