Believing in Personal Magnificence towards our necessary Cultivation of Soul, before we can experience a personal Paradigm Shift, and pondering some best ways of sharing, to friends and family and to my Communities and Villages I have been gifted with awareness of “Patreon”.

What is Patreon

This subscription-based application is like a crowd share although instead of supporting a product it supports a person. The program is mostly for artists, musicians, healers and other creative people or groups who might be having difficulties supporting themselves.

I fit in with this genre. Being gifted in many ways: it has been a struggle as an artist of Asian Ink Brush paintings, gardener, a musician of woodwinds, strings and drums, counselor and therapist, created of rituals and of community/village building. Not just financially but also spiritually and with respect to soul cultivation. We all know that bind. Finding our Passion and Living it are two different things.

Able to offer many wonderful knowledge and energies to communities I have not yet found the best way to do so. Patreon will enable the acknowledgments and rewards of these creative energies that are wanted and needed. Most importantly, may my gifts be received by a wider audience, not alone for personal gain but to help in the upending of the dominant, male, authoritarian paradigm. May we All find Balance and Harmony.

What is my Purpose

My purpose in instituting my work and play through Patreon is to provide information for individuals and communities on how to achieve Our Magnificence!

Why not, as I am want to say, “We can’t not become enlightened so we might as well embrace the process and eventuality. It is our Human Mandate!”

I offer instructions and pieces of training on a set of 5 principles and practices that readily bring about Achieving Magnificence; and, it is best done in a community. So part of this work is to stimulate, offer and subscribe ways in which to build thriving communities.

Five Principles towards Magnificence

  1. Breath and Breathing for relaxation, Trusting and psycho-navigating (journeying).
  2. Creating greater flexibility and continuity, by connecting our Head Brain to the Cosmos, The Heart to Sentience on Earth, and the Body into the Earth to be grounded, centered, balanced and strong. By so doing and practicing such skills as yoga, tai chi, and qigong we develop greater flexibility and boundless energy.
  3. Intention setting and clarification. What, exactly is it we are asking for, wanting and needing? Most of us have muddy intentions due to eons of faulty training and understandings and limited belief systems. I’ll teach and demonstrate how Faith, in the fields of Trust and Love can help us to clarify intentionality such that it works in terms of The Laws of Attraction.
  4. Stepping into our Magnificence. Finding and empowering the wonder of our Axis Mundi and how it magnifies our energies; again, particularly in a community. From here all Probability becomes accessible. We are in our wondrous energy orb!
  5. Developing ritual space, a shrine and connection to The Divine. And, how from here we can connect with The Toroidal Energy Matrix of the Cosmos, thereby fully accessing Wonder and Probability. Launching our Magnificence! From our point of space and time, we cast off our intention, and, let go!

Axis Mundi and Toroidal Energy Matrix

Then, letting our intention go out to The Cosmos for the gifts we have to give and receive. Our final act is one of Faith!

If we believe, it occurs.



What I Offer

The Patreon application is set up so that I can send out more information on just how to do all of the above, via Blogs, Podcasts, Seminars, YouTube videos and other means. Doing so and further gaining support from friends, family, associates, and others who believe in this Path towards A New Future!

My intent is to create and send out information, movies, conceptual talks and dialogues regularly, with inspiration, creativity and of general interest.

All of the information I’ve already presented via my websites and YouTube videos is still free to all. For new subscribers, the new stuff will be available in tiers.


Tier One where subscriptions are 1$ per month will need to wait a week for my blogging and video sharing, including new photos and movies regarding where I describe my “shedding” process of learning to live in a small space with far fewer possessions and responsibilities. This allows me to take on the really big responsibilities of becoming the ‘Change Agent’ that I am want to be.

Friends and supporters subscribing more will, of course, get more. They will get all of the new stuff and have more access to me to other supporters and to becoming guest speakers, etc.

I’m not sure of how all of this will be put together. Like all of life, it is a work in progress.

Your Pledges

I do believe that pledging 2$ per month, 5$ per month or 10$ per month is doable for many, especially those who know me and my work/play/self.

And, for those who chose to do so, I send my blessings am especially grateful and look for generous hugging when we next meet.


We can work and play together to bring more Light and Love into The World.

When enough of us do this the Old Paradigm of Might makes Right and Patriarchal Supremacy will quietly fade away.\

Right now the Old is boisterous and noisy, perhaps aware of their soon demise and struggling with all of the tools they are used to maintain their misguided hold on Reality.

Join and increasingly become part of the Paradigm Shift!