Grief seeps and pours through the airwaves and touches us all. It’s beat hits us big or small, singular or repetitive, short or long and all of the preceding. Grief and Grieving are Big! No wonder the loss is associated with so many heart illness issues.

The news is full of death and loss and “The End” and more and more are seeing and believing that it is not far away.

While such beliefs can be paralyzing and lead to outrageous acts the belief that works for me and that I cultivate and teach is; “Don’t worry, be happy”.

And, just as there is in our hearts a beat and a rest in a synchopated manner, so it is important for us to not stay in the mood of “Now”, or any mood. To indulge in any mood is to move out of the Now and to deify that mood we stay in. And, to find the strong beat of Heart is to more readily move and flow with the energy of the wave of grief. To move out of the locked state.

We want and need to honor grief. We want and need to find release for the stress of our reactions to loss. To lock it in is to invite illness, imbalance and more loss. Yet, that is just what we do unless we find ways to honor the heart and body felt shock of losses.

The Rhythm of Now, the heart-beat, as the grandfather beat or turtle beat, allows for the flowing of the energy of water and of loss and of grief. Da Dum, da dum, da dum, da dum! Slow or fast it is the Heart Rhythm.

How to enter into that space where we are not only in Now but aware of the feelings of loss is big. Really big as to acknowledge the feelings is to invite great waves of the grief of loss. Many losses.

The task is to stay present with the beat of the heart while remembering and experiencing the feelings of loss. Most often what allows us to stay present with the heartbeat of grief is community. Others around. Village with its accompanying use of ritual and shrine and community drumming.

Grieving Rituals are occurring more and more often and with great benefit. Malidom√© Some brought great awareness to those of us living in “the belly of the beast”, how his people refer to Modernity in general and America specifically. The return to village rituals, rhythms and releases has been a great resource of health, happiness and wisdom. Malidom√©’s Grieving Rituals are rich with deep emotion and great healing.

Francis Weller, one of Malidom√©’s students, as I am, has gone on to offer and teach grief work to many with his workshops and teachings.

I have conducted several rituals and am embarking on new ones in the near future. My own studies and writings have given me great insights into healing soul issues, including but not limited to loss. Workshops and trainings are in the offing. If you are interested please send me an email and I’ll put you on notification of upcoming events.